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Herrenchiemsee palace is made up of several royal buildings on the island of Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany. The lake is the largest in Bavaria.
On the island was first an Augustin monastery which was redesigned into a palace. King Ludwig II bought the island in 1873 and decorated the rooms for his private use. Then he built a new palace which was designed by Christian Jank, Franz Seitz and George Dollman. It was built between 1878 and 1885.
King Ludwig admired King Louis XIV of France and therefore the palace was very much built in the style of Versailles. It was not meant to be a perfect copy and yet in some way it superseded it.



The great Hall of Mirror is even longer than the hall of mirror in Versailles. Herrenchiemsee's hall of mirror has 44 full size candelabras, 33 chandeliers and is lit by two thousand candles. The reflection of seventeen arched windows are reflected by hugh gilded mirrors.
The dining room has such a large chandelier of Meissen porcelain that it is the largest in the world.
King Ludwig loved Meissen porcelain so much that he commissioned an entire room to be decorated by Meissen and delicate flowers made from Meissen porcelain are so perfect you think they are real.
Versailles has no toilets or bathrooms nor running water. Herrenchiemsee has toilets and bathtubs. It is famous for these technological progresses. A huge marble Roman bath covered with frescoes of Venus which is another evidence of King Ludwig's imagination and romantic nature.
The formal gardens have fountains and statues. Some statues are copies of statues of Versailles. The other statues tell you of the romantic nature of King Ludwig II. The maidens, dragons, winged warriors and giant lizards.
In the nearby museum are more pieces from master craftsmen to be admired. There are also photographs which follows his life from a happy and carefree childhood to a really handsome young man. King Ludwig II was finally a solemn and withdrawn recluse.
Since Herrenchiemsee was built on an island it is only accessible by boat



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