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This is a sad situation for such a beautiful and ancient country. Unfortunately the cocaine trade got hold of it. This is not a report to justify the two British girls caught at the airport. We would just give a clear picture and warning of what is going on.

The problem is in Cuzco are tourists and backpackers passing through going to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu.  Every year around hundred of thousands tourist passing through to see these ancient ruins. Many hostels offer a bed for £4 which is like a magnet to students using their gap year to visit this ancient country. During the day Cuzco is a picturesque city but by the night it turns into multi-million pound drug trade with ruthless men desperately trying to push their drugs


It is said that in some way it is like Ibizza which is well known for drinks and drugs.

The coca plant will only grow on the low level slopes just below the Andes.  Cuzco is 12,000ft above the sea level which is to harsh a climate.  The coca plant itself might not be so deadly but when it is harvested it is soaked with chemicals then baked in the sun until it becomes a white powder. Cocaine.

It is transported in drums and has a seven hour journey to Cuzco. There it will be packed into 2 kg packages quite openly.  Drug mules take it over then and transport it round the world.

Peru with its ancient history has a dark side to it. It is the top producer of cocaine and it is estimated that 53,000 hectares of coca are planted and will produce 325 metric tons of pure cocaine.

Of course with drugs trafficking come the cartels and they are ruthless. They are so powerful that nobody dares to challenge them.  Many people including policemen have been killed. They terrorising towns and cities and destroying whole communities.  The cartels will not let get anyone in their ways and kill when they are threatened.

The availability of quite big quantities is alarming and the hard pushing dealers. A great trick of theirs is if somebody runs out of money because of the hard drinking and/or extending their holiday that is the moment when the trafficker moves in; he lends them money in very friendly manners and on acceptance shows his real face behind it.

So tourists and backpackers be aware not to venture out at night and during the day stay together in groups. It is a magnificent country and its ancient culture are well worth to visit but do enjoy it and don’t get involved with drug trafficking.  Too many people had been already caught and finished  their holiday in Peru’s prison. There are gruel prisons belief it.

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