Monday, 10 December 2012


Steamboat Springs still looks like a classic Western Town. The broad main street called Lincoln Avenue was used for cattle drives. Steamboat Springs was the largest exporter of beef in western America during the early 1900. The background show snow-covered mountains, the authentic shops, restaurants and saloons are a memory of time gone past. The area moved on from its history into mining and now skiing industry.



Steamboat Springs is lower than other Rocky Mountain resorts but it is still at 6,695 feet down town and 10,568 feet on the summit. It is well known for it legendary perfect snow, like powder. With such ideal condition there came many Winter Olympic champions from the town and area.  There are 2,965 acres of pure delight of ski slops of all shapes and sizes. One of them is a mile long ski run and others are designed for beginners, medium and professional skill. There are 18 ski lifts and therefore hardly any queue which gives more opportunities of skiing.

Steamboat Springs has a free bus service. Early breakfasts are available for $3.99 which are so filling it leaves hardly room for lunch. However, if you still have a place for lunch there are many good restaurants up on the mountains. For dinner there is the oldest eatery in town, the Ore House at the Pine Grove Restaurant. An unforgettable experience is the very tender slow-roasted prime rib.

The name Steamboat Springs was given by a French trapper hearing the noise from one of springs and thought it was a steamboat coming up stream in 1860. The Strawberry Park Hot springs eases your tired muscle in 104oF springs which are known for their healing powers.

You also can camp out at Del’s Triangle 3 ranch and experience the true way of bygone days. Ray Heid is the fourth generation of cowboys and can be hired to have a horse ride with him on a trail through the aspen forest. The peaceful silence and incredible view of untouched snow on the 114sqmile ranch are unforgettable.

Another fun is available to have a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh.through the magnificent snow-covered countryside. 


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