Sunday, 2 December 2012


There is nothing more exiting for young and old as to fly to Lapland where Santa Claus lives. To get you into the right mood there will carols singing and games being played on the plane flying to the Ivalo Airport. It is at the edge of the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland.  From there a coach takes you on a 20 minutes ride to the resort Saariselka and you guessed with more carol singing.  Song sheets are issued in case you forgot the words and there is no use of making excuse


On arrival you will be supplied with thermal suits, gloves, boots and hats since temperature can reach -40C.
A warning, don’t let the kids find out that all the meat is reindeer in stew and pizzas otherwise the tantrum starts. You have only a short time to look around the town because sun sets at 2pm. Drinks you might need to defrost yourself but beware that alcohol in Finland is the most expensive in the world.

A 20 minutes drive to the activity centre which lies in the woods.  There will be reindeer drives, husky rides, mini skidoos with sledding, skiing and ice hockey.  Eskimo tents were placed to enjoy warming drinks and biscuits.

After all this lot of fun is where the real excitement starts. The awaited magical ride to see Santa. Travelling in an open sleigh through winter wonderland all along a lamp-lit path through woodland and covered with blanket is an experience of its own.  The big moment has arrived to enter the candle lid log cabin of Santa Claus and with a knock on the door and a friendly ‘come in’ there he is. For children under 11 years old he has presents handed out by an elf.


It is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

There are a great many packages on offer and every one has its own itinerary with variation of length os stay, hotels, reindeer and husky's drives and also differences in prices. 

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