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Vitosha and the Vitosha Park are not very well known amongst the ski resorts, yet so beautiful. It lies in Bulgaria just outside the capital Sofia. It would be a very low priced and enjoyable holiday for families in winter as well as in summer.
Vitosha has a huge mountain range and it is only 22 km away from Sofia. The highest mountain is Cherni Vrah (Black Peak) 2,290 m.  It is part of 10 peaks altogether and they measure each over 2000 m.

Since the Thracian, there had always been a large settlement at the foot of Vitosha in the last 4000 years. 
The ski resort is on the eastern slopes. It is the highest ski resort in Bulgaria and declared a national park in 1934.

The skiing season starts at the beginning of December and last till late spring. The snow can reach a thickness of 1.50 m. The coldest month is January and it reaches only -6 oC.
The ski runs are for anyone from the professionals, the average skier and beginners.  Most of the tracks are above the forests on open slopes. The professionals are challenged on pistes lying beneath Cherni Vrah. There are runs for slalom and cross country skiing also available. The resort has six ski runs, two of which have been approved by the International Skiing Federation for International competitions in Alpine and cross-country skiing.
Vitosha has the oldest ski school in Bulgaria with a top reputation. About 40 skiing instructors are fluent with various languages and give lessons of all levels.
They opened a run recently on Vitosha Lale and it is for experienced skiers. It has a 3 km long run. The five ski runs facing north, the snow last longer and do not get icy.  They are for Alpine skiers. Many international skiing competitions are held there.
For babies there are baby drag lifts and there is a nursery slope for beginners.
The experienced cross-country skiers will find a 10 km long track at the bottom of the main ski runs.
Being that closed to Sofia the resort gets busy on the weekend and you will have longer wait on the ski lifts.

This area is also a fantastic vacation for the summer holiday. A convenient bus service and roped ways makes it easy to walk in the reverse.  The rich flora and fauna are part of the nature reserve. You will find marked nature trails where you can watch badgers, deers, butterflies, birds and even bears, wolves and wildcats.
Historical papers proof that centuries ago Vitosha was covered by an inaccessible 'Great Bulgarian Forest'.  Today the remains of it is in the reserve Bistrishko Bransihte and around Zlatnite Mostave (The Golden Bridge).  The Golden Bridge is a line of huge boulders running down the mountainside.  A beauty spot is at Vladayska River surrounded by forest.  This stone river is one of many and is made from ancient glaciers.  The whole Vitosha reserve measures 266 km.
 New, high standard hotels are built at the edge of the forest and are available.

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  1. Vitosha Park is so beautiful.I'm so lucky to experience skiing there.It is one of the most beautiful destination for this kind of sport.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello ski gadget and thank you for your visit and adding your first hand experience to my blog.