Thursday, 31 May 2012



Warsaw rose from the ashes inflicted by the Nazis and communism. It is now a bustling cosmopolitan city. It can show off to the tourists a proud nation, its history and wonderful culture.

However, a visit to the Museum of Uprising and Palace of Culture of Science will bring back the past and their enormous struggle for freedom.

It is thought that Polish people feel close to the United Kingdom because many of their pilots flew for the RAF. It is not quite so. Polish people feel betrayed by the West at the beginning of the war in spite of a pack with the United Kingdom. Warsaw was destroyed and 800,000 of its people dead in 1939. Most of the Jewish population were sent to Treblinka and died there.

The Old City of Warsaw is the only the Unesco-listed heritage site in the world which had be reconstructed. The Royal Castle was only rebuilt in 1984.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum tells the sad story of their fight when Hitler ordered to kill the remaining residence. The city had 1.3million of which 800,000 were already killed.

In the following 63 days of absolute heroic street fighting around 200,000 civilians were killed. During this time the Red Army was waiting by the River Vistula. When the rebellion was crushed they moved in. In the museum you can see the recreation of the under-sewage system which was used by the Polish citizens. It makes you realize, when you climb into it, you realize how claustrophobic it must have been and that without the sewage and rats.

After the Yalta agreement in 1945 Poland felt betrayed again because the West gave it to Russia’s Stalin who was just as ruthless.

Communism gave Warsaw the Palace of Science and Culture. When Communism fell people were debating whether to knock it down or not. Today it became a tourist attraction. At night it is illuminated. A terrace on the 30th floor gives an incredible view over the new Warsaw and £300,000 National Stadium.

The main street of Nowy Swiat which leads from the castle to the heart of the city shows the modern European centre.

Polish people have contributed to art of the world. Nicolaus Copernicus and Frederic Chopin to name just the most famous of their people.

Poland is a beautiful country with ancient woodland, great wildlife still in abundance and as the saying goes all roads lead to the wonderful Warsaw which lies in the middle of it.


  1. Thanks for this lesson! Copernicus and Chopin are quite significant as contributors! Great read.

  2. Thank you, eli@coachdaddy, for your appreciating comment. Sorry I discovered only now. I did not mean any disrespect. I only discovered it now.