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Puerto Rico is a beautiful country but people are poor. Their history is also overshadowed by the Spaniards arriving in the 16th century.
The Ortoiroid people were the first settlers in Puerto Rico. They were an Archaic Period culture of Amerindian hunters and fishermen.
In 1990 on an archaeological site on the island of Vieques the remains of an Archaic man (named Puerto Ferro man) dated about 2000 BC it was found. From 120 AD to 400 the Igneri arrived. This tribe came from the South America Orinoco region. Between the 4th and the 10the century the Arcaicos and Ignen lived there. From the 7th century to the 11th century the Taino culture developed there till Spaniards arrived.

Spain ruled Puerto Rico for nearly 400 years which ended at the end of 19th century. Nowadays the people are citizens of the United States. In 1952 the people demanded to have their own government but staying in the commonwealth of the USA. The demand was accepted.


The large Caribbean island Puerto Rico has a mountain range up to 1338m with the Cerro de Punta. The beautiful valleys which go through the mountain range from west to east are known for very fertile soil. The island was once covered by forests but a lot of it has been cleared for agricultural land. Their agriculture consists of sugar cane and dairy farming. However, not many people work on farms now.
Since the agriculture has declined Puerto Rico increased their industries such a textiles, clothes, chemicals and plastic. The most important export goes mostly to the USA.
The island has a warm, steady climate which is all the year round. Apart from hurricanes can come across the island.
It does not have a great deal of wildlife only some turtles, lizards and toads.
The capital San Juan has a natural port and is almost landlocked. Ships have a perfect refuge there. The city itself has many elegant buildings and they are mostly in the Spanish style. The old governor's palace and several fortified castles are just some to be admired. Puerto Rico is known for its vibrant music, especially the salsa.


Because the island is so overpopulated, many people immigrate to the USA. In New York alone are over a half a million Puerto Ricans alone.

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