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Liechtenstein a principality is a very small country. Its size is only 62 sq miles or 160 sq km and has a population of 28,000. It is ruled by a Germanic prince. He lives high up on a hill in a castle. The principality is so beautiful it feels like a fairy tale land. Nevertheless, it is highly industrialized and very rich.
Liechtenstein scenery is very mountainous and is on the east of the River Rhine. It borders Switzerland on one side and Austria on the other. The Tiroler Alps extent into Liechtenstein and on the south-east the peaks reaching a height of 2,500m. It has a perfect climate. In the summer it is dry and warm. In the winter Liechtenstein has a cold weather and heavy snowfalls.
Their agriculture consists of corn, vines and fruit which are grown on the lower fertile slopes of the mountains. The cattle which are raised for milk, dairy and meat production are grazing on the high meadows. In the autumn they bring the cattle down to the valley floor. It is quite a great event because the leading cattle are decorated with big floral arrangements. It also attracts tourism.
                                                  VADUZ -- CAPITAL OF LIECHTENSTEIN

The country has a various big industries even so there are only 28,000 people. Their products are precision instruments, false teeth, leather goods and steel screws. They have their own postage stamps which bring in some income. In the winter tourism is high because of skiing in the mountains. In the summer tourists come for mountaineering, cycling, hiking, hanggliding, paragliding and walking. Liechtenstein has a great attraction is being duty-free.
Liechtenstein is a principality because it is ruled by a prince. His castle is near the tiny capital Vaduz. In Vaduz is a bridge which leads over the river Rhine into Switzerland. The railway line from Austria to Switzerland runs through the valley.
According to history, Liechtenstein was once two counties and ruled by a count of the Holy Roman Empire. At the beginning of the 18th century the Austrian Liechtenstein family took the two counties over.
In 1719 the head of the family became a prince. Johann the Good who ruled from 1858 to 1929. He managed, due to clever manoeuvres, not to be overrun by one of the bigger countries on their borders.
Nowadays, Liechtenstein has closed links with Switzerland. Switzerland provides telephone service, and electricity which is missing in Liechtenstein. The prince has 15 member parliaments which are elected by the people.

 Holidays in Vaduz, the capital, is very much to be enjoyed.  Summer and winter are all the sports facilities available.   The closed by Triesenberg invites you in summer for walking, cycling, climbing and walking.  In the winter it is perfect skiing resort.  Liechtenstein turns into a winter wonder land with good snow from December to April.  Vaduz itself is a small town but very attractive and good hotel, restaurants and two very interesting museums.
A major ski resort is in Malbun which lies in the south-east of the country.  It has ski school, and good runs with 30% for beginners, 60%for intermediate and 10% for experienced skiers.  There are also toboggan runs.  A Sareis lift goes up 2000m and the two chairlifts up to 1600m.

In the summer are huge outdoor swimming pools open. The beautiful surrounding demands to be explored. Magnificent path in forest and open country enables to see a rich wildlife. Liechtenstein has so much to offer and yet it is hardly known as a big tourist attraction.  If you stay privately, which is only recommendable, the holiday or vacation will not be too costly.
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