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Bermuda and its people are having a long history of being a British colony. Bermuda is an idyllic group of islands in the Atlantic warmed by the Gulf Stream. It has 150 coral islands. The great Bermuda is linked by bridges to other main islands and it looks like a giant fish hook which stretches for 35 km.
The island is formed of coral and on top of an extinct volcano, rising from the Atlantic. The countryside is hilly and Gibbs Hill is 75m and covered with 
vegetation. Bermuda has no lakes or rivers. The pants, animals and people completely depend on rain for fresh water.
Once the islands were covered by sweet smelling cedars. An insect pest caused a terrible devastation in 1945. After that many species have been imported, like the Poinciana, Casuarina and royal palms.
Bermuda has only a few wild animals such as the saucer-sized toads and whistling tree frogs.
Tourism is one of their main income. The warm Gulf Stream gives ideal conditions for fish and coral reefs. The climate is sunny all year round but never too hot. Water-sport is a great attraction for tourists. Every year over half a million tourists visiting the islands. Apart from lying on the beach soaking up the sunshine, the main attraction is the exotic marine life which is in the coral reefs at the fringe of the islands. It is a great opportunity for divers to watch this exotic waterworld.
The capital Hamilton is on the Great Bermuda. Hamilton is the seat of the government since 1812. The Bermuda's parliament was founded in 1620 and that makes them the oldest of the Commonwealth apart from the British Isles. Bermuda became a self-government in1968 with London being responsible for defence and foreign affairs.
Hamilton has also an excellent harbour where ocean-going vessels can dock alongside the main street.
Bermuda is well-known as a centre for offshore Businesses. Foreign companies are registered there to have the advantage of lower taxes. There are over 6000 companies registered.
The US naval base and British Royal Navy ships are also providing jobs for local people. The Lobster fishing and lily-growing are important local industries.
More than half of the people of Bermuda are descended from African slaves.

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