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By sheer luck and chance I found this ski resorts in the Hohen Tauern Nature Resort in Austria. The village is called Mallnitz. It lies in a valley of high mountains all around. Since the winter and skiing season has started I thought maybe other people would be interested in the beautiful ski holidays I had.

You can fly into Munich or Salzburg. We flew into Munich and took a train directly to Mallnitz. This train ride was an experience by itself. For two hours you will see a winter wonderland. Along rivers, through valleys, around high mountains or through tunnels which opens up to another valley with beautiful alpine houses here and there and heavy forest along the side of valleys all covered with thick snow. It is a picture of a winter wonderland and for two hours.

When you arrive at Mallnitz call a taxi or some landlords are picking you up and take you to your booked room. It is advisable to book with a family, which it much cheaper than a hotel and you get a more personal service.

Mallnitz itself has all the facilities like ski schools, skate hire, Spa swimming pool, very reasonable priced restaurants, supermarket and nightlife with bars and pubs with live music.
The resort has various grades of ski runs. Skiers can find out which runs are suitable to them. There is a ski bus, which is free, taking you to the end of the valley. The mountain Ankogel and ski lifts take you to the top. From the bus stop, across a little bridge, you will find a moderate but quite a long run of downhill slopes. On the far side, lifts will take you up. The queues are not very long, even in high season. There are also facilities for snowboarding, snowboarding lesson which are very good and skiing lessons for the very young to adults.
The valley stretches quite far and you can have beautiful walks and it is ideal for cross country skiing.
Mallnitz has an altitude of 1200 meters and it is therefore a health, spa and ski resort of great reputation. The skiing season starts at the end of November and last till the end of April because of the high altitude. Another great and good news is that you do not need any passes for any lifts. They are all free. Therefore it is an ideal family skiing holidays.
Opposite the Ankogel ski lift and at bottom of the other slopes there is a pub/restaurant where you can eat home cooked meals at a very reasonable price.  In the afternoon you can enjoy coffee and home baked cake.
If you contact the Mallnitz Tourist Board you will receive all the information you required to give you the most memorable skiing holidays. The snow is an absolutely dream.

Mallnitz is also a wonderful summer holiday. It offers  sports facilities like riding, swimming, climbing and endless paths to wander visiting surrounding villages and alms. 

Half way up mountains are farmhouses where you are welcome. You can refresh yourself on freshly produced milk, cheese, eggs and sausages while sitting outside in the sunshine admiring the beautiful surroundings.

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